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Tips Memasak Donat Rasa Coklat Manis

on Wed, 12/02/2015 - 03:30

Tips Memasak Donat Rasa Coklat Manis - For you who are fond of culinary night and looking for culinary tourism destinations in Bandung, this one could be on the top nih, Cie Rasa Loom. Yes, this is a shop that presents the typical culinary Aceh that must you visit while in Bandung, seenggaknya once in a lifetime!

Memorable occasion when I get resep masakan sehari-hari there! The place is quite extensive, but when I get there ruanganya really crowded. He says it all the time crowded audience of special dish which is dominated by young people and families.

Grain variant is quite diverse, ranging from Aceh noodles, bread caai, martabak Aceh, fried rice, soup, and others. Well, for the opening presentation I sempet message rolled bread 19K chocolate milk cheese, bread rolled with grated cheese and a sprinkling meises, plus sweetened condensed milk ... wihiii ... canainya bread is soft and slightly oily section essentially, with the thin crispy, tasty!

Well, the main menu me a message ya, noodles sauteed 19K special that comes with shrimp, beef, squid, bean sprouts, tomatoes, plus fried onions, hmmm ... wangiii. Brownish red sauce looked pedes and, yes, very strong rempahnya seasoning, making throat warm. Round elongated and thick noodles, the sauce is quite thick, so the taste is very filling! Fortunately tasty,

Cara Membuat Kue Lumpia Dengan Kulitnya

on Wed, 12/02/2015 - 03:23

Cara Membuat Kue Lumpia Dengan Kulitnya - Once inside, the first impression that emanated from a place to eat this one was ... homey. That night, when I was there, the room lit with yellow lights that give a romantic impression, it could be one of the reference places romantic date in Bandung, ya! Hihi.
The menu offered here there are many variants ranging from appetizer, main course and dessert, also presents a typical menu Indonesia. Because of the excellent products Think this one is ice cream, then this review of special ice creamnya, hehe ..

Well, the menu that I had a message from the café located at Jalan Tamblong 15, is coconut royale form icre cream with flavors of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla served with fruit cocktail in a coconut fresh so they can all eat meat coconut feels very soft. Flavor ice creamnya not too creamy and not too sweet, pass!
Well, all ya, for sale-chat sempet also ava message choco cake snack sorts of 8.5K, a sponge cake cokelate sown with sugar, it is dominated by dark chocolate taste a little bitter, because it is no section that tends to melt chocolate sweet that passs create flavor combinations. Continue, Japonaise chocolate 5.5K which is actually confectionery flour made from egg whites. Its exterior is covered in chocolate so that it fits bitten taste melted in the mouth.

Cara Memasak Opor Ayam Untuk Lebaran

on Mon, 11/30/2015 - 00:40

Cara Memasak Opor Ayam Untuk Lebaran - Hours already show at 01:15 pm, the lunch hour is already too little. Well because already too hungry so nyari resto in the area of Jl. Riau, there is one restaurant in Jalan Riau 26 Bandung, in Between Jessie James Factory Outlet And Halmahera Standby Hospital Bandung curious, restonya name is From the front of the first clay restonya already curious nih. Go in and sit down, there are employees who give nyamperin create menus, all just wondering about this restaurant. It turns out there is its history, you know, this has hen icon image that use a bun with the tagline '# 1 in chicken trafficking'. The icon name 'Mami Chicken', this chicken mami had illegal business in the world of chicken if it's like the human world in humantrafficking he said nah klo world chickentrafficking chicken, chicken mami is actually the evil, often smuggled chickens so deh.

Back to the place, the atmosphere of this comfortable for hanging out, with the accompaniment of hits and the concept of classical and modern feel of the 'Mami Ayam' his hihi. Menus in this own everything there must be an element of the chicken, a rich menu of this dipesen.

Stuffed Grilled Chicken: Grilled chicken breast, stuffed with vegetables and mozzarella, served with creamy spinach sauce and french fries. This menu healthy Wahh really know, unique is its cream made from a mixture of spinach, it also yummmy bangeettt!

One again there Pasta Stroganoff: One of their Russian decent Chicken, served with fettucine! Hmm, this one pasta sprinkled with chunks of chicken, it's also the same lho ga lost Grilled Stuffed Chicken earlier, his soft fettucine united with the cream that really creamy mouthfeel.

To drink there Pina Colada, alloys of Pineapple, a taste of coconut, pineapple and more. It's so irresistible you'll ask for morrrrre! One more Banana Daikiri, this drink a mixture of banana mixed with strawberries and lime, Because sometimes in life we all just need to let loose and go bananas!